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L6W 4V4
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550 Fennell Ave, East, Hamilton, Ontario,
L8V 4S9
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Hamilton Office: Mon-Fri until 8pm, Sat until 5pm
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We would like to welcome anyone who is in need of emergency dental treatment to our new facility.

As you now know, most dental offices work the usual 9-5 hours and if you have an emergency your only options are to endure the pain till the next day or go to the hospital for a long wait and normally no dental procedures are done there. For your convenience and consideration we have decided to open our Emergency Late Night Dental Clinic.

Our commitment to you is to look after all your immediate dental needs and to help relieve the pain ASAP with the care of our wonderful dedicated staff.

If you have a toothache, you don't have to wait, come on over, we are here to help.

Late Night Dental welcomes you!